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Social Commerce
& Influencer Marketing Agency

A Leading TikTok Shop Partners

MEMO, a leading TikTok Shop Partner and preferred TSP, closely collaborates with brand partners, offering tailored brand solutions to effectively target customers through partnerships with our creators across the region. With our proven experience in diverse social commerce segments, we consistently support our partners in localization efforts for optimal results.


   Our Services   

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Live Streaming Sales

We specialize in dynamic live streaming sales, collaborating with engaging hosts and developing tailored product strategies. Our innovative techniques offer a captivating and seamless marketing-integrated sales experience.

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Influencer Marketing

Influencers can select "commission-eligible" products from the TikTok shop, and we ensure timely responses to sample requests. Collaborating with top MCN agencies solidifies our commitment to impactful partnerships in influencer marketing.

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Social Media Content

Our team excels in producing viral TikTok content, from promotional campaigns to product showcases. We embed shoppable links, utilize strategic hashtags, and manage active engagement for maximized visibility and sales.

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Talent Management

We specialize in identifying and promoting diverse talents in live streaming sales and content creation. Our talent management division enhances a roster of over 50 in-house talents who are both diverse and passionate about the social media economy, with a central focus on TikTok.


Leverage the Power of Influencers with MEMO.

Discover the 4 Key Reasons Why We Have a Significant Impact on Socia Commerce.



Our team has over 15 years of collective experience in e-commerce and media management. Whether it's strategic planning, deal negotiation, production, marketing, innovation, or networking, we bring a wealth of expertise to foster the growth of social e-commerce between Asia and the US.


Multilingual Functionality

Leveraging our diverse cultural background spanning China, Southeast Asia, and the US, we bring a comprehensive understanding of manufacturing, logistics, and e-commerce. Integrating technology and insights from , hands-on experience from Thailand's rapidly growing social e-commerce market, and seamlessly incorporating these elements into the US market.


Track Record

We collaborate with established players in the industry, we laid a robust foundation in the social e-commerce sector long before venturing into the digital realm. Today, armed with our track record, we persist in partnering with brands to connect with the new generation of the Gen Z community and beyond.


Forward Thinking

Our proactive approach to staying ahead involves a continual search for and testing of innovative methods. This commitment is dedicated to assisting our creators, engaging our audience, and collaborating with our brand partners as they navigate through the evolving social e-commerce landscape.

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