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For Creator

Amplifying creativity through social media fun & E-commerce advantage.

Become a part of our expansive network of over 1,000 Creators, unlocking the full potential of your creative and financial capabilities. Benefit from our continuously expanding product SKUs and generous commissions.


Our Services


Live Host

Engage in the excitement! Memo conducts multiple live-streaming sales daily. If you are passionate and enthusiastic, consider joining our live-streaming team. You will receive training and have the opportunity to choose products that align with your interests!


Content Creator

At Memo, we produce videos daily and always appreciate a vibrant personality. Whether your passion is acting, modeling, or TikTok content creation, join us in crafting enjoyable, trendy content that has the potential to go viral and carry commercial value.


Affiliate Influencer

Explore our diverse range of over 100 products in the TikTok affiliate market, accompanied by competitive commissions. Upon joining us, you will be assigned an account manager to assist you in creating videos and selecting products that suit your style.

  Our Talents  

Our lineup featuring more than 50 signed creators.
Boasting a collective social media following of over 10 million.

We represent the most diverse and dynamic dream team in LA!

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